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Health Styles

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The HealthStyles program is designed to help transition a physical therapy patient into a gym and self-exercise regimen, promoting lifestyle changes for improved health and physical wellbeing.  The program provides individualized training for specific individual goals.
HealthStyles is a post rehabilitation, injury prevention program.  It is an exercise program led by a certified fitness trainer, designed as a supplemental program to physical therapy.  The goal of HealthStyles is to help prevent future injury by guiding the post rehab patient through proper exercise form and transition from a clinical setting to a gym or home setting. 
All injuries, surgeries, and repetitive overuse movements can cause changes in the body’s tissues.  Often these changes are adhesions or scar tissue that may alter the “normal” function of the tissue, causing tightness and weakness.  These changes further alter the function of joints which in turn can affect the function of joints above and below them. 
Most pain is related to movement disorders.  Often pain in one area causes us to compensate so perhaps we change how we walk, or how we lift or move.  These compensatory changes aggravate other body parts developing new stresses and pains. 
The HealthStyles program can help correct these movement disorders.  It is a scientific approach to human movement that utilizes a continuum that begins with corrective exercises and will progress you through live specific movements. 
Initially, an assessment is performed to determine needs.  These can range from weight loss goals, strength goals, or sport-specific training.  A custom plan is designed to include proper joint movement with correctional exercises and then training begins.  Periodic assessments are done to determine progress and make changes as needed.
HealthStyles aims to provide the training necessary to improve overall fitness and function.   As you begin to move better you will feel better!  

Times Available:  Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                              Other times or days may be available by appointment.

*This is not a program covered by health insurance.  It is either a monthly fee or you may purchase a punch card to use sessions at their convenience.

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