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Physical Medicine

Physiatrists: A Unique Medical Perspective!

A Valuable Team Member for Back and Spine Care!

Rehabilitation Physicians are nerve, muscle, and bone experts who treat injuries or illnesses that affect how you move. Rehabilitation Physicians have completed training in the medical specialty called “Physiatry” or  physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R).

Experts at Diagnosing and Treating Back Pain

Physiatrists, or Rehabilitation Physicians, are medical doctors who can:

  • Expertly diagnose and treat back pain
  • Restore maximum function lost through injury, illness or disabling conditions
  • Treat the whole person, not just the problem area
  • Lead our teams back-specialist professionals
  • Provide non-surgical back treatments
  • Explain your medical problems and treatment plan
  • Work with each patient on their back treatment with emphasis on back injury prevention

Rehabilitation physicians treat a wide range of problems from sore shoulders to spinal cord injuries. Their goal is to decrease pain and enhance performance without surgery.

Rehabilitation physicians take the time needed to accurately pinpoint the source of an ailment. They then design a treatment plan that can be carried out by the patients themselves or with the help of the rehabilitation physician’s medical team.


Physiatrists are part of the Big Picture Approach for Your Back Health

The Sierra Regional Spine Institute medical team who cares for you includes Physiatrists, pain management Physicians, Surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, as well as other on-site and/or off-site health professionals, such as neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists.

By providing unique perspectives and expertise, Physiatrists implement and develope an appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plan that is custom tailored to your needs. The Physiatrists goal is to help patients stay as active as possible at any age. Their broad medical expertise allows them to treat both minor as well as disabling conditions throughout a person’s lifetime.